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Connectors / Terminals:
These are the components which are crimped to the cable ends and make electrical contact possible from one end to the other. e.g. on the coil to distributor lead.


Coil / Distributor boots:
These components insulate the connectors and stop moisture and dirt ingress.


Sparkplug boots:
These components also insulate and stop moisture and dirt ingress in a much harsher environment than the coil and distributor boots.


Coil lead:
Sometimes called the ‘King lead’ or 5th lead (for a 4 cylinder engine), as it supplies the spark from the coil to the distributor cap. In the USA leads are called ‘wires’.


Acorn Type connector:
This type of connector appeared on the Jaguar XK-140 and other vehicles. Magnecor can make lead sets in 7mm and 8mm cable.


Screw type connector:
This distributor cap (Lucas DDB101) is still very popular on the Twin Cam Lotus and Magnecor make lead sets in 7mm, 8mm and 8.5mm cable plus supply a modified cap to suit. To connect the cable a screw on the underside of the cap is screwed into the cable and core.


Conventional connector:
Also known as DIN (technical term) and ‘female’ – this type of connection method has been around for many years.


Pin connector:
Also known as an M4 connector and is used on many late model cars with distributors or ‘coil packs’. The pin is 4mm in diameter. The tower which surrounds the pin can vary in diameter from 15mm to 18mm.


Post connector:
Also known as a ‘male/post’ or SAE (technical term) connector and this is also commonly used on coils and coil packs. The distributor cap shown is from a Peugeot 205 and Ford also used this type of fitting on ignition systems. It is exactly the same connection as the top of a sparkplug.


Coil Pack connector:
The coil pack pictured is a Ford 1st generation type with the typical ‘twin hooked’ connector which is used on the earlier Zetec engines.


Coil Pack connector:
The coil pack pictured is a Ford 2nd generation type, which uses a ‘pin’ type connection.

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