This service is incredibly popular and time consuming. Every set is unique to the customer, requires specific attention and may not be straight forward in terms of a solution. Please be patient as it is a bespoke service, our aim is to meet your requirements, inevitably there is a ‘need it yesterday’ syndrome and again we aim to do what we can for all custom orders, subject to our current workloads. 

To help us to meet your required deliver time PLEASE COMPLETE THE DATE REQUIRED BOX ON THE FORM: Please fill this in with a definite date…(NOT ASAP)…Your order will be classed as ‘non-urgent’ should you leave the date required section blank or use ASAP!

We are currently running on a minimum 10 to 15 working days before dispatch.

Please take into account when ordering a custom lead set the points below:

  • Please take your time studying the form before completing as lack of information may cause DELAY to receiving a quote and completion of your lead set.
  • Provide as much ‘accurate’ information as possible, take your time measuring your lead lengths, the diagram on the ordering guide will help to ensure you measure your lead lengths correctly.
  • You can measure in ‘old school’ (inches) or ‘new school’ (centimetres)!
  • We require all information on paper to ‘save tears’ after the event- “a picture can tell a thousand words” – if you wish to send pictures of your intended application, please do so by either e-mail or post
  • For V8’s and Turbocharged engines – you may need High Temperature spark plug boots.
  • Sometimes bonnet to distributor clearances can be a problem – please take this into account e.g. Westfield or Caterham with Rover V8

Returning your ordering guide to Magnecor:

Please scan the form (as a pdf) OR take a picture of the form and send it as a .jpeg at a sensible resolution. You can also post the form to us at the address on our contact page.

All ‘ordering guides’ to be emailed to 

OR  you can fax the form to us  FAX: +44 (0) 1530 274624

Once we have received your ordering guide you will receive an acknowledgement, we will provide a quote for your lead / lead set.

We accept payment by credit/debit card via a World Pay payment link, or by bank transfer. (Magnecor are not liable for bank charges and we do not accept American Express (AMEX) cards!


Require assistance? – Call our technical department on  +44 (0) 1530 274975


The following Ordering Guides are now available for download:

  • Coil leads only i.e. we are asked for custom coil leads on a regular basis, where the coil has been re-mounted in a different position or the coil itself has a different fitting to standard.