The Magnecor Chamois is a new addition to our stable.

This very high quality PVA cloth soaks up water so well that less time and effort is involved in drying your vehicle and it will also enhance the ‘shine’ on your paintwork!

Magnecor chamois is also ideal for windows, bathroom and kitchen tiles, shower screens, porcelain………great for fibreglass boats too!

Use the cloth ‘damp’ for velour car seats, cleaning your car interior, headlights, rear lights and exterior vision mirrors in winter driving conditions.

The case is ‘glove box’ or side door compartment size and will not roll away when placed on the ground etc due to the ‘flat’ sided design.




The Benefits of the Magnecor Chamois are:

  • Super absorbent
  • Carry wet for INSTANT USE 
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Never becomes slimey
  • Has no weak spots… won’t fall apart
  • Not be affected by detergents, white spirits and ammonia etc
  • Lasts for years
  • Ideal around the home


  • Chamois itself measures 35.5cm x 45cm (14″ x 17.75″)
  • 1.5mm thick when damp
  • The case measures 22.54cm (8.75″) long and is 57mm (2.25″) in diameter with a flat sided design

Postage costs 
Postage costs are estimated and will be confirmed by telephone on receipt of your order.