All sales either cash, cheque (cleared) or prepaid (by MASTERCARD, VISA, DELTA, SWITCH OR SOLO). To keep the cost of its products at a minimum Magnecor Europe Ltd. does not operate credit accounts. In any event, title to the goods shall remain with Magnecor Europe Ltd. until payment has been received in full.

All goods shipped by post or courier, customers may nominate which service they prefer.

There is no minimum order for any item.

No goods will be accepted as returns without Magnecor Europe Ltd’s approval. Unauthorised returns are subject to refusal. Magnecor Europe Ltd. will determine the final count and disposition of returns. Returns are limited to 3% of current annual purchases and returns are subject to a handling and repackaging charge. Magnecor Europe Ltd. can review these limits and charges in special cases if there is a valid reason.
All returns are to be returned by prepaid carriage.
Magnecor Europe Ltd will not accept returns of customer products (made to customer’s specification), products not in merchantable condition, products with component parts missing or for any obsolescent items (as determined by Magnecor Europe Ltd.). Returns are also not accepted for any items not manufactured or sold by Magnecor Europe Ltd. or any item that has had component part/s replaced by item/s not made or sold by Magnecor Europe Ltd.

Lead sets/cables are guaranteed for 10 years subject to the following conditions:
Magnecor Ignition cables will be replaced or repaired free of charge if the product should fail for any reason other than abuse, accident, negligence, improper installation, alteration or failure attributed to original engine design, engine maintenance (or lack thereof) or engine modification. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is limited to replacement or repair of the suspected failed cable and does not include labour charges for removal or replacement. Cable/s should be returned together with proof of purchase to any authorised Magnecor stockist or Magnecor itself (in the country of manufacture) for authorisation for replacement or repair.

Under the terms of the Magnecor Europe Ltd. warranty and those available under law, Magnecor Europe Ltd. will not accept warranty claims for items than cannot be determined to have failed by tests in its factory.
Furthermore Magnecor Europe Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for failure of the lead set due to incorrect fitment, specifications or misuse/abuse of the lead set. From experience, Magnecor Europe Ltd. have found that in many cases warranty claims are due to improper fitting of leads to an engine. The most common being that ignition leads are not properly engaged with the spark plug, distributor cap or ignition coil fittings.

Magnecor Europe Ltd. will not be held responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused by the use or misuse of its products. This price schedule supersedes all previous price schedules, prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.