Unfortunately, the claims in promotional literature and advertisements that so-called “super conductors” and “low-resistance” spiral conductor, as well as so-called “built-in capacitor” wires are EMI suppressed are as factual as other claims you see for the same wires such as: “300 times more powerful spark” —”30 times more spark energy” —”15 times more powerful” — “over 300% more spark energy” etc.

In reality, it is impossible for “low-resistance” spiral conductor and so-called “built-in capacitor” wires to properly suppress EMI (or increase sparks or horsepower), even with the application of a short-lived conductive coating (in which the spark current actually travels when the wires are new) over the conductors’ spiral windings (see Truth About Ignition Wire Conductors – Magnecor USA).

Performance parts marketers of “low-resistance” spiral conductor wires in particular have always claimed their wires provide RFI suppression (which can be heard on a radio), but in reality, the RFI suppression provided is far from adequate. Fortunately for the marketers, in anticipation of promised additional spark energy and horsepower, most consumers who listen to FM broadcast stations and drive in areas where AM radio signals are strong will accept less RFI suppression than that provided by original equipment ignition wires. Recently, the same marketers have decided they need to claim their “low-resistance” spiral conductor wires are also EMI suppressed, and whereas consumers are able to overlook inadequate RFI suppression, the same can’t be said about inadequate EMI suppression, because of its effect on the drive-ability of vehicles using computerized engine management systems. See Magnecor USA’s “A Brief Overview of the Performance Aftermarket Ignition Wire Industry” document for more information.

Again, fortunately for performance parts marketers, it’s surprising just how few people (experts included) ever associate EMI from ignition wires with drive-ability problems, and since very few people ever challenge such ridiculous claims as “300 times more powerful” sparks etc.etc., the same marketers see no reason why they can’t also claim their “low-resistance” and “super conductor” etc. spiral conductor and “built-in capacitor” wires are EMI suppressed —when in fact none are!

Magnecor Race Wires are specifically designed and constructed to suppress EMI on high performance engines, using materials and production methods too costly for ignition wires destined for marketing through mass-merchandiser and most speed shop outlets. The EMI suppression is permanent, as no conductive coatings are used in Magnecor Race Wires. Do not be deceived by the claims made for so-called “super conductor” wires sold by most speed shops in the USA which have a heavy application of a conductive coating over the spiral windings —although these wires are made to imitate Magnecor KV85 (8.5mm) ignition wires in both size and color, neither the EMI suppression nor the heat resistance is anywhere near that of Magnecor Race Wires.

Magnecor Race Wires are used by race teams all over the world for the purpose of eliminating the problems caused by EMI from ignition wires interfering with on-board electronic equipment.