I have heard that wires used for race engines can do that. Both Magnecor KV85 Competition and R-100 Race Wires can be used with standard ignition systems. All late model vehicles sold in the USA require ignition wires properly suppressed for EMI so as not to interfere with exhaust emission control devices. Race vehicles fitted with sensitive electronic equipment also need EMI suppressed wires, and Magnecor specifically manufactures its Race Wires for this purpose.

Original Equipment carbon conductor wires suppress EMI by resistance (which reduces spark current) and will prematurely fail if used with a race ignition. Magnecor Race Wires are designed to conduct full output of a racing ignition and provide EMI suppression for both race and stock engines. Generally, only very low-resistance conductor and solid core performance wires damage stock ignitions (and some high-output ignitions), and other performance wires will not provide proper EMI for an electronically controlled street engine, causing the engine to run erratically. So-called “capacitor” wires and dress-up wires using grounded braided metal shields over the ignition cable will destroy stock ignition systems, as this style of wires can break down and overload the ignition system if not changed regularly.