No. For a detailed answer to this important, and very frequently asked question, see: “Truth About Ignition Wire Conductors.”

“I have seen an MSD demonstration stand which compares all the well known “performance” wires — it shows Magnecor KV85 wire’s resistance is higher than any other brand of wire on the stand!”

The MSD demonstration stand (which MSD places in many speed shops and performance parts retailers) is designed to demonstrate that a MSD wire has a lower resistance than any other brand “performance wire.” The issue of low resistance spiral wires is addressed in Magnecor USA’s document “The Truth About Ignition Wire Conductors.”

For more information about our competitors promoting features of their wires that are of no use to anyone but themselves, see Magnecor USA’s document “A Brief Overview of the Performance Aftermarket Ignition Wire Industry in the USA“.

We are aware of the MSD demonstration stand, and we certainly appreciate the free promotion MSD gives to our product. We have sold many wire sets to knowledgeable technicians and race and performance street vehicle owners who were previously unaware that ignition wire capable of providing adequate suppression for race and modified engines was available — until they saw the MSD demonstration stand!