The price you pay for Magnecor Race Wires can seem reasonable or surprisingly inexpensive for owners replacing original equipment ignition wires.

The design and complexity of engines fitted to new production vehicles in recent years has come to rival the engines that were once only available in expensive exotic cars. Reliability up to 50,000 miles can be expected, but the crunch comes when owners discover the cost of maintaining these vehicles also rivals the cost of maintaining an exotic car, and often the absurd price asked for OE replacement ignition wires (that can cost up to US$1,200) causes owners to search for replacement wires that not only cost less, but are of better quality than the original wires that have failed. The result has been owners of these vehicles have been purchasing Magnecor Race Wires, the only ignition wires available for these exotic engines other than the original equipment wires.

At the other end of the price scale, Magnecor Race Wires will appear expensive for owners who generally purchase inferior generic spiral conductor ignition wires distributed through mass-merchandisers and speed shops, after wires are branded, packaged and sold as part of a performance parts marketer’s product line. For this reason, both our retailers and ourselves are often asked:

“Why are Magnecor KV85 Competition and R-100 Race Wire sets more expensive than some other brand performance wires?”

The reason is the design and construction of Magnecor Race Wires is entirely different to any other ignition wires on the market. These wires are manufactured exclusively by Magnecor specifically for racing without regard to the cost saving measures used by all other manufacturers who sell their wires through mass-merchandisers and speed shops.

Although Magnecor has been manufacturing progressive versions of its suppressed ignition wires for racing engines for over 21 years, it’s only in recent years owners of newer vehicles used exclusively on the street have been discovering that Magnecor Race Wires (because of the EMI suppression provided) will improve ignition performance on late model exhaust emission controlled engines. As well, these owners find Magnecor 8.5mm Race Wires will fit into the original 7 or 8mm wire retainer/separators because of the flexibility of the aerospace grade silicone rubber jackets Magnecor uses for its Race Wires.

However, the popularity of Magnecor Race Wires amongst street vehicle owners has not gone unnoticed by our competitors in the performance aftermarket, and a few have recently introduced oversized “performance” wire sets (some almost identical in appearance to Magnecor 8.5mm KV85 Competition wires) for even the late model small capacity engines that require proper EMI suppression to run satisfactorily. Unfortunately, their wire sets all use the same low-grade ignition cable with the same conductor (that can’t properly suppress EMI) they use for older engines that don’t require EMI suppression, and their oversized wires can’t be satisfactorily fitted into the original 7mm retainer/separators — however, some are cheaper than Magnecor Race Wires!

What Magnecor does provide for the price you pay is ignition wires specifically designed and constructed to conduct the full energy output from both original equipment and high output racing ignition systems while providing full EMI and RFI suppression. Magnecor manufactures its own Race Wires, therefore quality is rigidly controlled.