The conductors used in all Magnecor ignition cables will outlast the life of the engine unless deliberately severed. The life of ignition wire assemblies relies entirely on the ability of the owner and/or installer to install the wires correctly (particularly on engines designed to make it impossible to easily reach spark plugs), and the need to attach the wires to spark plugs and distributor/coils which are in good working order. The care taken when removing the wires at times when spark plugs are removed and replaced can also affect the life of spark plug wires.

On late model multi-valve engines with spark plugs situated in deep un-drained holes, the life of wire assemblies is limited to that of the extended spark plug connectors fitted to the spark plug wires used on these engines. In turn, the life of the spark plug connectors relies entirely on the ability of the vehicle owner to keep excess moisture and engine oil out of the holes so as not to damage the connectors.

The life of any ignition wire will be reduced if fitted too close to extreme heat sources which exceed the heat ratings of the wire assembly’s insulating materials. On most Chrysler 2.2 and 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engines where the original design of the distributor uses ignition wire terminals as internal arcing points, the life of the wires is limited to that of the terminals.