Professional race engine preparers do not use Magnecor Race Wires to increase engine horsepower —they use them to maintain full engine horsepower.

Often, production vehicle owners comment that engine performance increased after they fitted Magnecor Race Wires, and most owners of modified vehicles find that horsepower increases during a dyno test — however, in reality, performance increases because the engine’s potential power was previously restrained by:

(1) Failing conductors in original equipment ignition wires;
(2) Failing conductors in aftermarket carbon conductor and European and Japanese spiral conductor ignition wires;
(3) Failing resistor-connectors on German ignition wires;
(4) Aftermarket spiral “low-resistance” and “super conductor” ignition wires interfering with the engine’s electronics;
(5) So-called “built-in capacitor” ignition wires inducing too much available current to ground straps and interfering with the engine’s electronics.

Despite what is published in advertisements and some vested interest magazine articles, no spark plug wires will generate or “install” additional horsepower. However, a decrease in horsepower will occur if the wires’ conductors fail to conduct the spark energy needed to fire spark plug gaps, or EMI emitted from spark plug wires causes the engine management computer to react abnormally, or so much spark energy is lost into the ground straps of so-called “built-in capacitor” wires that little is left to fire the spark plug gaps —see test in Circle Track Magazine (USA), May, 1996 issue. For these reasons, Magnecor Race Wires are used by many successful race teams and individuals all over the world to eliminate the risk of such events occurring.