We are asked this question regularly by people who build and tune huge 5,000 + horsepower top fuel V8 drag engines and use, in particular, MSD and Mallory magneto ignitions to produce the spark energy to successfully fire these engines. Naturally, after we hear what these powerful ignitions have done to other wires, we become as concerned as our customers about the ability of our Race Wires to fulfill the task of both providing suppression and conducting the huge spark energy needed to fire these engines.

Over the years we have supplied both our KV85 and R-100 Race Wires to 5,000 + horsepower top fuel drag engine builders needing suppressed wires to run with extreme output ignition systems, particularly since many engines now run many sensitive electronic components (for ignition, engine management and data collection). Our Race Wires have been developed and are specifically constructed for this purpose — however, problems can occur if these wires are improperly fitted, or improperly terminated if an installer is terminating their own wires without suitable equipment.

Naturally, we are always concerned about the costly events that could follow either bad installation or bad termination of our wires, and for this reason we only suggest to race engine builders they try our Race Wires in their application to see if they make a difference. We may be over-cautious in our approach to this question, as there’s never been an incident (to our knowledge) when properly fitted and terminated Magnecor Race Wires did not provide the EMI and RFI suppression needed or conduct the full output from an extreme output ignition system used on a top fuel drag engine. Thousands of Magnecor Race Wires are currently used on successful drag engines worldwide.