We are often asked why the ignition wires we make for German and certain other European vehicles are different to the original wires. The reason is that a great number of German and other European engines are fitted with ignition wires that consist of separate solid plastic (some with metal shields or coated with silicone rubber) spark plug and distributor connectors screwed into solid copper-conductor ignition wire. These connectors contain encapsulated resistors to provide suppression, and it is these costly (to replace) resistor connectors that cause this style of ignition wires to fail.

Magnecor Race Wires for German other European engines completely eliminate the need for resistor-connectors, and owners will notice a difference in engine response with Magnecor Race Wires. Although we are always pleased to hear our wires made such a difference, particularly on Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen engines, we must admit it’s not necessarily all because Magnecor Race Wires increased the engine’s response and efficiency, as it’s more likely some of the improvement emanated from the elimination of the original style of ignition wires that reduced the spark energy available to the spark plugs to provide suppression.

Occasionally, consumers who have their German vehicle’s regular maintenance performed by the dealer are advised their Magnecor ignition wires don’t have the same resistance as the original wires, and sometimes the dealer justifies the re-installation of the ridiculously expensive limited-life original style resistor-connector ignition wires with this statement. Be assured that Magnecor ignition wires do provide the resistance needed by the ignition system — and without a reduction in spark energy! Magnecor has sold tens of thousands or more wire sets over the last 31 years to replace resistor-connector style ignition wires on BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen and other European vehicles.