To fully understand the answer, you should also read the “truth” and “overview” documents on this site. Due to the nature of the spark plug wire industry we have no choice but to promote our products the way we do. In an ideal world we would do nothing other than inform consumers of the features we incorporate in our wires, and the reason why we incorporated such features to enable them to decide whether or not Magnecor wires are suitable for their application.

Our web site is primarily designed to provide technical information and advice to racers and street car owners who use our wires. Before our web site, the staff at Magnecor spent an inordinate amount of time on the telephone explaining to consumers that what our competitors choose to say about the capabilities of their wires in their advertising is not necessarily true, and the too-good-to-be-true performance gains promised by some promoters are nothing more than distortions of fact.

Some of our competitors invent and promote features for their wires that are of no value to anyone other than themselves and, often, after reading our competitors’ advertising, consumers are concerned that Magnecor wires don’t have the features, or provide the phenomenal gains our competitors offer. To save all concerned time and money, we use our web site to assure consumers our wires will perform as well, if not better than any other ignition wires on the market.

Unfortunately, being able to cash-in on deceptive claims for ignition wires is assisted by some popular performance-oriented magazines publishing articles that support their advertisers’ product claims without making any effort to investigate whether or not there’s merit in the claims made. These publications are mainly concerned with filling advertising space and do not want to offend their advertisers. Hopefully, the above explains why we need to promote our products in a way that may seem offensive, paranoid or arrogant to some people (particularly if you are outside the USA, where this method of promotion is less common).