Although progressive versions of Magnecor KV85 and R-100 Race Wires are used extensively in racing all over the world, and have been available for over 10 years, it’s only in recent years our Race Wires have become popular with unmodified street vehicle owners. Generally, vehicle manufacturers and their dealers, as well as auto part stores and their trade installer customers, regard ignition wires as profitable consumable service items (like spark plugs, oil filters etc.), and therefore they are not inclined to stock or install items like Magnecor ignition wires that will not bring repeat business while their consumer customers own a vehicle on which Magnecor ignition wires were installed. Cost is also important, and usually the only brands stocked are those that offer the lowest price (to the store).

In the US auto parts aftermarket, sets with wire lengths that fit more than one engine are also popular to reduce the inventory the store needs to carry (which, these days is a staggering financial burden), and although these sets do at least help customers find something to fit their engine, it’s unlikely that any of these set will be a good fit. The majority of US speed shops stock only whatever is the cheapest in the flashiest package. Usually, speed shops prefer to stock universal wire sets that contain unfinished spark plug and coil wires that need to be cut, booted and terminated to eliminate the hassle of looking for wires to sell to customers needing non-stock sizes and to prevent the loss of sales because their usual suppliers do not make wire sets for a huge number of engines. Also they want to reduce inventory they need to carry. Almost all ignition wires stocked by US speed shops are part of a line of performance parts that predominately come from marketers such as Accel, Crane, Ford Motorsport, Holley, Jacobs, Mallory, Moroso, MSD, Taylor, etc. and most are generic spiral conductor wires dressed up in various forms and colors that are cheaply constructed to keep the cost of such wires competitive, and appealing to most speed shops who seem unconcerned about quality and proper suppression. Unfortunately, Magnecor’s policy of only supplying well fitting, top-performing, long-lasting ignition wires only appeals to parts stores, speed shops and new car dealers who specialize in stocking quality performance parts and employ well trained knowledgeable staff who are more familiar with what’s best for their customers than what’s the most profitable for themselves. Fortunately, the number customer-oriented outlets is growing to cater for consumers who are becoming more knowledgeable and therefore more quality conscious. A ready-to-install Magnecor Race Wire set is available for almost every stock engine ever made, as well as for the hundreds of modified and race engines for which Magnecor has recorded specifications over the last 21 years. Magnecor can quickly make any wire set to suit a customer’s specifications (at no extra cost).

CAUTION — UNIVERSAL WIRE SETS (any brand including Magnecor): Although many experienced installers are able to successfully cut, strip, terminate and boot Magnecor Race Wires (which can be bought as universal sets) using our professional heavy duty crimping tool, we do not recommend that you attempt to do so unless it’s an absolute emergency, particularly if you are using our 10mm diameter cable. As anyone who has done this job will tell you — it’s not easy to terminate any brand or diameter unfinished spark plug wires, even using the flimsy closing tools and crimping pliers that are available from speed shops. Nothing is more time consuming and frustrating than constantly re-terminating spark plug wires on engines designed to make spark plug wires impossible to reach.

FINALLY: If you can’t find a Magnecor dealer in your area, you can buy directly from our factory in the UK. More information about how to contact our distributors can be found on our ‘stockists and dealers‘ page. To contact us directly you can fill out the form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page.