Magnecor RACE WIRES:

Magnecor KV85 Competition (8.5mm) and Magnecor R-100 Racing (10mm) Ignition Cables are primarily designed for modern race and modified production vehicle engines that use computerized engine management systems and high-output ignition systems.

Magnecor’s exclusive Metallic Inductance EMI Suppressed 2.5mm high-capacity conductors (that cost 4 times more to manufacture than original equipment or generic ignition wire conductors) will maintain conductance of full spark energy indefinitely without emitting EMI and RFI.

For heat protection, Magnecor Race Wires have insulating jackets made entirely of aerospace silicone rubber (which costs 2-3 times more than multi-layer generic jackets used on all other ignition wires) that will withstand heat better than any other ignition wires.

Unmodified exhaust-emission controlled production vehicles will also benefit from the improved ignition performance and permanent EMI suppression provided by Magnecor Race Wires. Best of all, Magnecor makes wire sets for almost every engine ever made, as well as custom made sets or individual leads to suit customer’s requirements.

Original equipment or aftermarket carbon conductor (suppression) ignition wires and European and Japanese spiral wires will provide adequate EMI and RFI suppression during the limited service life of this style of ignition wires. However, none of these wires are designed to be used with high-output ignition systems, and will fail prematurely at conductor terminations if used on a race engine, or an engine used in a street vehicle where the original ignition system has been replaced with a high-output ignition system.

Spiral conductor ignition wires that most performance parts marketers include in their product lines sold through speed shops and mass-merchandisers in the USA will function satisfactorily on a carbureted race or modified street engine —however, none will prevent EMI from interfering with a modern engine’s electronic ignition and fuel management system, or any other on-board electronic device. Most “low-resistance” and “super” conductor etc. wires are nothing more than branded, cheaply constructed generic spiral conductor wires containing conductors that won’t provide (despite claims) either adequate EMI or RFI suppression. More expensive versions are dressed-up in elaborate colorful sleeves to protect inferior jackets against the heat of a race motor. EMI radiated from these ignition wires can adversely affect the function of computer managed electronic ignition and fuel systems, which in turn, will decrease engine efficiency. Some of these wires have been made to resemble Magnecor Race Wires in both color and cable diameter, however the conductors and insulating jackets used are entirely different.

Magnecor’s 7mm and 8mm conventional High Performance Ignition Cables will provide the conductance, RFI suppression and heat resistance similar to the very best wire sets our performance parts competitors have to offer, and superior to all the rest. However, unlike our competitors’ performance ignition wire sets lines, all of which cover only a very limited selection of popular unmodified and modified engines, Magnecor’s 7mm and 8mm High Performance Ignition Cable line includes ready-to-fit wire sets for almost every engine ever made, as well as sets for popular modified engines and custom made sets or individual leads to suit the requirements of customers (and at very competitive prices). These wire sets have always been popular for use on older vehicles and restorations that do not require full EMI suppression.